E-newsletters are a great way to develop your relationship with existing customers and get a few new ones too! But creating newsletters is a time consuming process and for those of you who have tried, not that easy either.

Not only does the newsletter have to have great content, it needs to be well written and engaging. And you need to do that on a regular basis…… every quarter is a good idea (more frequently for the ambitious!). Most small business owners do not have the time or skills to do this, even though they know it is an activity that could provide real value.

Bug Doctor Media can provide a monthly e-newsletter for your business at cost considerably lower than you might think. Not only do we provide you with your own newsletter but we ensure it is linked to appropriate pages on your website and we also set you up with your own newsletter mailing system to maximise performance.

Pest e-Tips

Bug Doctor Media have just launched Pest e-Tips, an e-newsletter for Pest Control Companies to send to their residential customers.

Why a Pest e-Tips newsletter from Bug Doctor Media?

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