Conversion rate = the percentage of website visitors that become paying customers

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is often overlooked by most companies. However, CRO is the key to maximising your return on investment. SEO and online advertising drives traffic to your website, but it does not focus on turning those website visitors into actual paying customers.

CRO analyses conversion rates, tests potential improvements and implements actions to increase the conversion rate.

Although average conversion rates are around 2.5%, the top companies achieve conversion rates of over 10%. If you could increase your sales by 4 times without increasing advertising spend, it is certainly something worth considering.

Bug Doctor Media can provide a range of services to businesses looking to optimise their conversion rates

  • Set up online and offline tools for measuring conversion rates
  • Analyze conversion rates for advertising campaigns and website performance
  • Test potential improvements to improve conversion, including changes to advertising, webpages and landing pages
  • Implement optimal combination of changes to maximise conversion rates
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