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Do you struggle to find expert marketing support that truly understands the pest control industry?

Are you happy with your website management?

  • Is the website design and mobile performance meeting your expectations?
  • Does your SEO consultant deliver value for money, transparency in activities and most importantly improve your performance in search results?
  • Do you have great content (that you don't have to write yourself)?

Do you struggle to keep up to speed with developments in the online world?

  • Do you have an online marketing strategy?
  • Do you know the best advertising options to meet your business objectives?
  • Are you measuring your performance to make improvements and drive business growth?
  • Do you have the knowledge and resource to work social media?
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Is this you?

As a small business owner, putting in place a successful marketing strategy and advertising plan is becoming increasingly difficult, especially with the seemingly daily developments in online marketing.

Apart from the planning process, finding time to keep up to speed with all the options is virtually impossible. But actually understanding the online world, to make sure you make the correct business decisions and develop quality advertising, can be just too much for many business owners.

Should you recruit a marketing manager?

Small to medium businesses often do not have the need or the funds to hire a full time marketing professional. Even for some businesses, a part-time professional is too much – often support is only needed for a couple of days each month. Even if you do find someone, are they experts in all the facets of marketing that are required to deliver success in today's industry?

Should you outsource?

Looking to outsource all or some of your marketing requirements becomes an obvious option, but where do you start to find a partner or partners to provide quality support? When you do find someone, can you afford them? Can you trust them?

This is especially the case in the murky world of SEO services where providers often don’t deliver value for money, taking advantage of business owners, who often lack the knowledge to challenge them.

The solution…

Bug Doctor Media are the pest control marketing specialists, creating a “one-stop shop” for all your marketing needs. We utilise a range of in-house experts and consultant to provide a complete range of marketing services

Pest control businesses can access the marketing skills required on an as needs basis, with support levels tailored to your budget. For companies that would prefer ongoing support, Bug Doctor Media offers their services on an exclusive basis per geographic region (see below).


Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

Bug Doctor Media is your "One-stop, Marketing Shop", for all your pest control marketing needs

With our extensive pest control experience, we speak your language and deliver results that make you feel good about your investment. Check out the services we offer (below), our experience and how we work……. or just give us a call to see how we can help.